Saturday, March 29, 2014

Should coaches be allowed to hit players?

All coaches would agree that there is a fine line between disciplining a player and an assault charge.  Some experts argue that crossing that line is a perfectly healthy part of a player's development.  
"I see nothing wrong with a coach throwing a kidney punch in certain situations," said sport psychologist Anthony Blumer.  "To the athlete, it's just a game.  But to the coach it's a livelihood.   If a game plan is ruined because of a mental error, physical punishment is totally acceptable."

Blumer is not alone.  A lacrosse coach, who asked not to be identified, said that athletes are subject to vicious hits on the field and doesn't see a problem with a firm slap to the face or boot in the ass when player's miss an assignment or lose focus.

Old school basketball legend Skip Conner used to slap his basketball players in the face Three Stooges style in the huddle.  He would always start with the captain and continue the slap until he completed the circle. As a result, his team won multiple championships and committed zero mental errors.

Hitting players builds character and wins ball games.  But it won't come back without your support.  Please pass this article along to other coaches and athletic administrators and let them know it's time to bring back the smack.

Do you support "Bring Back the Smack"  Let us know your thoughts.

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