Thursday, August 2, 2012

Recently unemployed man breaks out the old juggling balls

Unemployed line foreman Zach Durkin recalls the night he was let go from his job, he entered his apartment and fired a set of keys at his corner bookshelf in frustration, knocking down his juggling balls.

"That was my sign," he said as he began juggling.  "This is really the only thing in life that I am really passionate about.  I I can really get an opportunity to practice and try to earn a living with my gift."

Durkin intends to try out for America's Got Talent in the spring and also plans on incorporating some additional items to his act including bowling pins, chain saws and even mice.

"If I can get the funds together I plan on juggling 3 or 4 mice while I stand in a ring with hungry pythons below.  That added element of suspense should really impress the judges.  I would love to make some costumes for the mice if I can scrape together the money," Durkin tells me while finally taking a break.

Durkin plans on asking his brother to invest in this idea so he can purchase costumes, bowling pins, about a baker's dozen of mice and four pythons.