Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Archaeologists find lost Nostradamas revelation

Nostradamas was highly criticized for naming his newborn son Nostra-dumbass, however within 17 years his early prediction was accurate.

At age 2 Nostra-dumbass shoved food in his nostrils, attempting to suck down his meals through his nose.  He never fully grasped the concept of eating or table manners.

At age 6 Nostra-dumbass loses sight in his right eye after accidentally stabbing himself with a fork.  

At age 10 Nostra-dumbass said his first full sentence,

"I soiled my knickers.  He followed by saying,  "My hand toes look different than my feet toes."

At age 12 Nostra-dumbass was kicked out of school for pooping in the urinals and biting his teacher.

At age 17 Nostra-dumbass jumped to his death from a 4 story building holding a bed sheet yelling, "Look daddy I can fly.  Aren't you pr..."

Nostradamus had this revelation two years prior, but kept the news to himself.  Nostradamus wrote about this event in his journal:

"The idiot will plunge from the sky attempting to defeat gravity while his disappointed father shakes his head in disgust."

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