Friday, August 29, 2014

Weirdest advertisement for a daycare EVER

So I need to put my kids in daycare, but I want the experience to be a Vegas style, no holds barred type environment where something reckless can happen at any moment -any suggestions?

Seriously, what the hell is with this sign?

"Um, Mrs. Smith, I'd like to tell you why your son has a giant bruise on his leg, but you know that slogan-what happens in daycare stays in daycare."

To be fair, this might have been a doggie day care which in some ways makes this even weirder.  What the hell are you doing with these dogs during the day?  Are you trying to breed the next Labradoodle? Maybe organizing some dog fighting ring?

"Ok, we'll bring Scout up in a second.  You may notice he has a bunch of scratches and some hair missing, but you'll be glad to know he earned $300 today.  I'd love to fill you in on the details know."

Another reason I am fascinated with this sign is the unnecessary follow up, Just Like Vegas!  Like the person who ran this daycare saw it initially and said, "Maybe that's too vague, we have some room left, so let's play it safe."

Maybe this is a Nathan For You prank-who knows?

Was there a marketing meeting that went something like this:

"I want our new clients to feel like they are taking a gamble by leaving us in charge, but also want to add a weird element.  Kind of like that Vegas commercial."

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