Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mystery stain spoils couch deal at garage sale

Brenda Edwards was seconds away from handing over $45 for a used couch when her 4 year old son  playfully flipped over a cushion revealing a mystery stain which the owners refused to explain.

"I was definitely concerned when I saw this nasty stain," said Edwards.  "The owners were telling me it was just a water stain but that was bullshit."

MPG had an opportunity to speak with the owner of the couch, Vishal Patel.  When asked if the stain was either pet or human urine, Patel dodged the question and barked that the price is very fair and the item is perfectly fine.  He then offered to knock off an additional $5 which only made Edwards more skeptical.

This double talk from Patel got other bargain hunters nervous about the sanitary conditions of other items including glassware, pitchers and bean bags which all seemed priced well below market value.  With disappearing customers, the Patels plan on donating the majority of the items to Purple Heart, if they will accept them.

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