Sunday, October 25, 2015

New kid in school distancing himself from friendly nerds

Ian Baker turned down a Halloween party and decided to go trick-or-treating as a final goodbye to the nerdy kids who were so nice to him during his first semester at Daniel Boone Middle School.  The gang knew the time would come and milked it for everything it was worth, going door to door until 9pm Wednesday night.

Joshua Lebenson, who is described as the realist of the geek squad stated, "The first time I saw Ian throw a football, I knew we were on borrowed time.  When he asked insanely basic questions about Harry Potter, it became obvious that he would be graduating to the cool table by Thanksgiving.  We hope our friendly ways will be remembered during wedgie season."

Baker said he is grateful that his pals showed him the ropes until he was able to settle in with kids in his same social class.


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